Work by Peter Yumi

Back in September 2019 at Pirate Contemporary – Peter Yumi’s much anticipated solo exhibition Fruitland Contemporary Art Museum presents: Art during the AUTONATION Dictatorship finally came to fruition. The show was a wild romp that existed just as much outside of the gallery as it did inside.

Opening reception for Peter Yumi’s Fruitland exhibition.

Making heavy and amusing use of social media, Yumi created several fake accounts associated with the lore and mystery of the artist’s fictitious country, loosely based on Brazil in the 60’s. Partly a good-humored jab at American consumerism and out-dated and ill-informed ideals about other countries, Fruitland went DEEP with an extensive backstory and cast of characters built around Yumi’s artist alter egos and Denver-based artist friends.

Wall of portraits by Peter Yumi.

On one wall, a massive grid of portraits revealed the cast, all rendered in the artist’s special blend of mixed media collage, brightly hued with vintage-looking psychedelic touches.

Works by Peter Yumi.

Rounding out the visual feast, fresh-squeezed juice and vegan appetizers were served alongside plenty of bright and beat-laden Brazilian tunes. Local artist and close friend Elena Gunderson was enlisted to paint colorful fruit on people’s faces. For a fully immersive experience, guests were also encouraged to sport their best tropical attire, and many did.

Artist Elena Gunderson painting faces at the opening of Peter Yumi’s Fruitland.

In many ways, the Fruitland series is a return to his more colorful preferences, after working almost strictly in black and white for some time. As fun and pop-tastic as this show was, however, there was a suggestion that things may get darker later on. Peter’s planned solo next year at Pirate will explore the AUTONATION Dictatorship, complete with a promised car show and some controversial, if satirical, themes.

If you missed the show, sorry about that. For more artistic antics, follow Peter Yumi on Instagram.

Tongue-in-cheek installation by Peter Yumi.
Peter Yumi with guests in front of portrait wall.
Peter Yumi with TALK Gallery owner Gordon Mehterian.