By Raymundo Muñoz

Comic books hold a special place in my heart: They remind me of childhood. During those hot summer days, my uncle and I would make a weekly trek to 7-11 with a few simple goals: play scrolling shooters R-Type and/or Contra, drink Slurpees, eat Hot Fries, and buy comic books. After we’d exhausted our supply of quarters and snacks, we made the long, sweaty midday journey back to grandma’s house, to while the day away flipping through issues of X-Men, Spider-Man, and Spawn and fawning over the talents of Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri, and Todd McFarlane (among others). In no uncertain terms, my love of art was born from these experiences.

I was always a sucker for killer pencil work, and to this day I am a devoted worshipper of good lines. And though my tastes have changed in favor of fine art fair, I am ever enthralled by the deft composition, enchanting narratives, and deep character studies on which comic books are based. Many other artists feel the same way. And while some became comic book artists, others became illustrators and designers and fine artists alike.

Denver Comic Con is a natural place for all these artists to convene, but as a pre-show of sorts, 1 of 1 Magazine decided to present our own homage to comic books and childhood: “When I Was A Kid…” on display at Crimson Hilt. Featuring the talents of Zak Kinsella, Rio Burton, Scot Nobles, Anthony Salazar, Ozi Magaña, Elena Gunderson, Xing Xin, Daniel Crosier, Terrence Poorthunder, Shitty Kitten, Alex Taylor, Jake Fairly, and Marvin Astorga, this show challenges artists of different disciplines to take a few steps back to their younger years and to do so with a comic book aesthetic in mind. Super heroes, word bubbles, and internal dialogue abound, all on view through the first week of June. Photos are from May 9 opening reception. To purchase works, drop by Crimson Hilt Tattoo and Gallery


 “Obsolete Child” by Elena Gunderson


 Zak Kinsella’s “Pearl Descends” and Rio Burton’s “I’ll Take Them All!”


 “Weapon X” by Anthony Salazar


 “Pizza Knight” and “G” by Terrence Poorthunder


 Detail of “Metric #1” by Daniel Crosier


“Untitled” (cover for his new series Xymphonic Versus) by Xing Xin


 Shitty Kitten, Alex Taylor


 Work by Shitty Kitten


 Alex Taylor’s “The Corinthian”


 Work by Jake Fairly


“In Flight” by Marvin Astorga




 Daniel Crosier


 Scot Nobles with his (and his son’s) untitled collaboration piece


 Zak Kinsella


 Jake Fairly


 Anthony Salazar


 Cthulu/Elena Gunderson and worshipper/Crimson Hilt co-owner Moeh Haywood


 Xing Xin


 Terrence Poorthunder