By Raymundo Muñoz


After a long holiday break, Helikon Gallery is back with their first show of the year — and it’s one that’s sure to please the masses in a big way. Guest-curated by Sally Centigrade Gallery owners Myah and Scott Bailey, “Opiates for the Masses” takes an impressive group of local and national artists and gives them either large wood panels or canvas to create a mural-like experience that interprets the theme as they see fit. Featuring Lauren YS, Amandalynn, Dirty Bandits, Hollis + Lana, Dread, Gamma, Robert Bowen, Sandra Fettingis, Kelly Ording, Jet Martinez, Elle, and Mark Penner-Howell, it’s a rich and stylistically varied lineup that’s in keeping with Sally Centigrade’s own bright and punchy leanings.

Show opens Wednesday Feb. 3. For more information, visit