By Raymundo Munoz

"Impromptu W-2010-6-2" by Ana Zanic

“Impromptu W-2010-6-2” by Ana Zanic

Opening this Friday Sept. 9 at Walker Fine Art is a group show that tiptoes the line between wild spontaneity and controlled intent. As such it’s titled “Inherent Intent,” and it looks to be a smart exhibition. From bold stone carvings to blooming watercolors, the show flows from artist to artist thanks to minimal color palettes. Udo Noger, Mel Rea, Vanessa Clark, Ana Zanic, Chris Richter, Liz Quan, and Jessica Drenk all lend their sizeable talents to the mix. Show runs Sept. 9 to Nov. 5 with First Friday receptions on Oct. 7 and Nov. 4 accompanying the opening. Artists in attendance. For more information, please visit

Inside of the Out XIV - 22 x 30- ink, acrylic on paper

“Inside of the Out XIV” by Mel Rea


“Reveal 323” by Chris Richter

gleichlos 9 2015 40 x 56in un 1080

“Gleichlos 9” by Udo Noger

Vanessa Clarke_Fusion21x14x27

“Fusion” by Vanessa Clarke