Resident weirdo Brandan Styles a.k.a. Bzurk is kicking the new year off with a new show “The Serpent Among Us” on display at TRVE Brewing. Soon. Real soon. Any plans you might have, cast them aside, and make room in your agenda to see this. Part folk art, part circus sideshow, Brandan’s work defies easy categorization. Cozy earth tones give his work (as dark as it sometimes) a natural, inviting glow. Featuring a cast of characters he imbues with mystery and a sense of humor, “The Serpent Among Us” is sure to be a wicked good time. Of note, Bzurk will be featured in 1 of 1 Magazine’s very first printed issue (coming out this season).

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/941159225939830/.