Stephen Lack’s car paintings are not too far removed from the traditional 19th century paintings of horses like those of Stubbs, except now the horses are compressed and multiplied under the hood and the colors are pumped to the radiant palette of Samsung and Sony. Still, the musculature of the machines are poised with the stillness and formality of the tradition from which they herald.

Truly, Stephen Lack is a 21st Century landscape artist. In his hands, the landscape expands to the world of media, and beyond the materialism represented, are the complex emotional conflicts that inspire so much of our entertainment.

Each painting is a distillation of the action happening all around us all the time….. and he morphs it into an unexpected celebration.

“……there is a Bay Area sense of light in his work. At his most figurative, his paintings call to mind Fairfield Porter and Milton Avery. But, it is probably most apt to consider him a hybrid Hopper– capturing both painter Edward Hopper’s sense of alienation and film actor Dennis Hopper’s seductive menace.” Katie Clifford ARTNews