To so many artists, comic books were their first taste of art and ultimately the gateway to their passion and trade. Be it the imaginative characters, the enthralling storylines, or the gorgeous splash pages, comic books in their own way have inspired countless artists of all media to put pencil to paper and create.

For the month of May, 1of1 Mag is putting together a group show of comic book artists, illustrators, and fine artists at Crimson Hilt to celebrate this special art form and hopefully recall some of that primordial childhood magic. Work on display will embody the artistry of comic book illustration while revealing a personal connection to the artist’s childhood.

We invite you to join us this Second Saturday and maybe take a few steps back to your younger years.

Drinks and good company are complimentary.

Opening is May 9th 2015, 7-11 PM. The show runs through the month of May.