Artist Statement:
I am an artist specializing in joyful, colorful and contemporary animal portraits. As a native Texan, the imagery of the Southwest and abundance of Mexican culture in my background helps inform my uniquely bold style.
My paintings embody a current cultural shift happening in the United States and are a reflection of the infusion of Mexican style into everyday lives of all Americans. They are fresh, bright, beautiful, passionate, and filled with the warmth and sunshine of Texas and the great Southwest.
Typically, my portraits include design elements such as bones, flowers, ferns, butterflies, spiders, flower-rimmed eyes and starry skies. In recent years, I have begun painting in a more naturalistic style in order to even better capture the inner personality of each animal through its eyes and expression. My goal is to highlight their unique features in a way that reflects their cheerful quirks and therefore bring joy to my customers. Many have commented that my portraits translate the true essence of their pets to canvas and capture their personalities.
My work can be found in private collections all over the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Europe.