By Raymundo Muñoz


“Anansi The Spider Goddess” by Kim Gordon

Anyone who’s talked to Scott Bailey probably knows this: Scott LOVES lowbrow art.  There’s a tangible twinkle in his eye when the subject arises, and that zeal and passion is rightly funneled into his curatorial debut at Love Gallery for the Octopoda Invitational.  Sponsored by beautiful.bizarre magazine (for which Scott writes), the group show is an eclectic mix of local and national talents that together bring to Denver a fun, formidable, and ultimately engaging experience.

San Francisco artist Kim Gordon’s “Anansi The Spider Goddess” lures the viewer in with beguiling eyes and sparkling web, while Camilla D’Erico’s “Dandelion Crown” offers doe-eyed, milky sublimity. Figuratively focused, the eyes speak volumes across the board; from the glaring and knowing seduction of Caia Koopman’s “Moonrise Owl” to the squint-eyed, hair-pulling “Anguish” of Jel Ena, all the subjects on display have their own impassioned–and sometimes impish–stories to tell.


“Moonrise Owl” by Caia Koopman


“Anguish” by Jel Ena

Denver’s Markham Maes invites curiosity in his complex “Forest Nymph,” while the acrylic on bowling pin pieces of Kirsten Easthope suggest a sexy playfulness.


“Forest Nymph” by Markham Maes

Still, others choose the more surreal side of lowbrow: the beautiful decadence of Emily J. Moore’s work as well as the moody, noir-ish dream portraits of fellow local Myah Bailey particularly come to mind.


“Don’t Explain” by Emily J. Moore

Coupled with an ardent support for the local scene, Scott Bailey has steadily forged relationships with artists across his many travels. The result: think of the multi-limbed sea creatures from which this show (and Scott’s own art blog and shop) derives its name: unassuming, keen of sight, intelligent, and definitely wide-reaching.

[Editor’s Note: Full disclosure: Scott Bailey is a contributing writer for 1/1 Magazine + other art mags.]

Check out the Octopoda Invitational: Curated by Scott Bailey at Love Gallery this month!