By Scott Bailey

Denver artist Ian Cochrane brings his whorls, swirls, and colorful curls to Crimson Hilt this Friday for a month-long show of his retro-modern abstract art. The gently sloping curves and lines are what first strike most viewers–they manage to be both psychedelic, like a Jefferson Airplane poster, but also reminiscent of the comfortable paisley-patterned passenger seat of your grandfather’s Buick.

But don’t let the gorgeous patterns distract you from what really makes Ian a stand-out abstract artist: his extremely well-curated color palette.  At times subdued, at times punchy or even fiery, his palette brings the work to life, giving it depth, personality, and a tangible energy.

Opening reception is this Friday (February 13th), complete with cold beer and Ian himself being on hand. This is a preview, so you are probably expecting to see some of the work, right?  Sorry, most of the work is still under lock and key, so you’ll have to come out with us on Friday and maybe enjoy a beer and some good conversation.  Check back with 1 of 1 magazine next week for opening night pics (hopefully you will be in some of them).