Collaborative show “Revivescere” closes this week, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, quit delaying. Featuring the magical pairing of Aria Fawn and Cheyenne Croy, it’s an exhibition on display at Valkarie Gallery that centers on the cycle of life and death, particularly as it concerns nature’s beasts. Skulls, smashed birds, and dead bugs all come together in a beautiful and whimsical way in the sculptural works of Croy. Fawn, the other half of the show, offers up her well-known watercolor paintings as well as some wiry three-dimensional additions. Though the show deals with death, it’s not morbid by an stretch. Care and respect for the animal remnants featured are evident in the clean construction and meticulous composition of each piece. In these cases, death may be displayed, but so is the life that emanates from it. Fantastical, elegant, drenched in subtle details, even funny at times — “Revivescere” yields light from the darkness.

Photos taken First Friday Aug. 4. “Revivescere” closes Aug. 13. For more information, please visit

Cheyenne Croy, “Fox Dome”, Fox Skull, Green Cicada, Blue Weevil Beetles, Blue Calcite, Dried Baby’s Breath Flowers, Reindeer Moss, Repurposed Glass Dome Display.

Aria Fawn, “That Nagging Mortality”, Textile, dried plants, prairie dog skull and crystals

Aria Fawn, “Antemortem”, Textile, crystals and mixed media

Aria Fawn, “The Ocean Met a God”, Watercolour on cradled wood, 16″x16″

Cheyenne Croy, “Skunk Dome”, Skunk Skull, Blue Weevil Beetles, Calcite Rhombus, Green Calcite, Amethyst, Dried Roses, Reindeer Moss, Repurposed Glass Dome Display

Aria Fawn, “The Ghost of Wintertide”, Watercolour on cradled wood, 16″x16″

Cheyenne Croy, “Green Beetle Mandala”, Stag Beetle, Green Jewel Beetles, Green Flower Chafer Beetles, Vintage Frame

Aria Fawn, “Cloudwish”, Watercolour on cradled wood, 16″x16″

Works by Cheyenne Croy

Aria Fawn & Cheyenne Croy, “In Dreams Gods Awake”, Horse skull, textile, crystals dried plants and insects

Aria Fawn, “Whispling”, Watercolour on panel with torn paper, 12″x12″

Works by Aria Fawn and Cheyenne Croy

Aria Fawn, “Let the Green Come Where I Lay”, Watercolor on panel.

Aria Fawn live drawing during First Friday reception