By Raymundo Muñoz

The hot winds and dark skies of Cervantes’ Masterpiece and The Other Side couldn’t stop the Denver Zine Fest hordes from assuaging their self-published paper passions this year. Neither could the smokey, crowded streets surrounding the venue thanks to Juneteenth Music Festival co-happenings. Nay! Zinesters — creators and attendees alike — are a hardy bunch, and the fervent support they show each other is testament to how much this culture needs preserving and promoting. Lucky for us, event organizer and non-profit Denver Zine Library does just that all year; the festival is just the cherry on top of its achievements.

Much like Denver’s own DINK Comic & Art Expo, Denver Zine Fest brings together a wide range of creative types in a down-to-earth and affordable way. All pretensions of traditional gallery goings are cast aside when you’re dripping sweat, eating a pile of curly fries, and the lights go off. It’s all good, though, because free entry allows easy access to limited runs from zine makers, printmakers, comic book artists, fine artists, poets, prose writers, small publishers, and merchandisers. Most wares run a few bucks each, and many makers are more than happy to trade or even give their works away. It’s a loose and inefficient business model, for sure, but it’s fast, and it’s fun. And no matter what space the festival takes place in (last year was in a church), the zinester hordes will be there.

Photos were taken at the June 17, 2017 Denver Zine Fest at Cervantes’ Masterpiece and The Other Side. For more information and to donate to Denver Zine Library, please visit:

Street artist and printer Peter Miles Bergman at his is Press booth.

Denver independent comic book artists Jake Fairly and Lonnie MF Allen (L to R) signing books for fans.

From stage to pit: tables covered in paper wares bridge the gap between artists and attendees.

Artists Lin Wen-Ben and Carissa Gonzales offering up art prints and handmade recycled paper zines at their booth.

Not even venue lighting issues could deter zine fest attendants from showing support.

“Teeth Dreams” poetry magazine Executive Editors Randall Julio Chambers-Vargas and Harmony Rose

Young zine fest attendant perusing a “Cosmic BE-ING” comic book. Creator Alex N. Graham sitting opposite.