By Raymundo Muñoz

The Denver Chalk Art Festival at Larimer Square raged on this year through the early June heat and ever-present threats of seasonal afternoon showers, attracting many a meat-on-a-stick-eating festival-goer and leaving a wide swath of colored gypsum in its wake. According to event coordinators, the festival involved over 200 chalk artists, culled from near and far and representing a wide variety of artistic styles and subject matter.

Minus the traffic jams and bad parking in an area with already bad parking, you can’t hate on this kind of event. The art is generally bright, bold, well-executed, and representational — a good mixture for a live audience. Festival attendants seem genuinely fascinated with watching artists at work, too, shuffling in long, perplexing lines to see a few marks and rubs made, then unmade, then made again. Plus, it’s a prime selfie occasion. And aside from the sunburns, spilled beer, errant footprints, and bipolar weather patterns, artists seem like they enjoy creating amongst the throng. It’s perhaps the closest thing many artists get to feeling like rock stars performing at a concert. You can almost imagine them standing up from their slumped/crouching positions, brushing their hands together in a colorful cloud, and yelling, Thank you, Denver! We love you!

Photos are from the June 3 – 4 Denver Chalk Art Festival at Larimer Square. For more information, please visit:

Artist Elena Gunderson taking a break to rehydrate.

Naomi Haverland participating indoors this year at Sally Centigrade Gallery.