Finley Riot 30x40Finley Tango 1 24x24 Finley Purple Mts Majesty 48x48

Artist Statement:

My art reflects the joy I take in creating.   I love the process of creating art as well as the result of creating.  I go, and thus my art goes, where the process takes me. While I always start a new piece with an idea, a concept, a design or a goal in mind, only rarely does the result match my intentions exactly.  This is a result of the qualities of my chosen medium, for I create by adding paint and ink to resin and painting with colored resin.

Creating with colored resin requires certain flexibility, a carefully cultivated adroitness and a savoir-faire attitude for this fascinating medium rarely does what I had originally expected it to.  Experimentation, as well as a willingness to fail, is key.

The immediacy of resin and its flowing movement are what make this difficult medium so appealing to me.  As with life, there is only so much control that I have over resin.  Mistakes happen; sometimes those are happy mistakes; sometimes not.

My most recent series is called the Riot (of Color) series.  In this series, I have used the same four colors in each piece with wildly different results.