By Jarred De Palo / Photos: Raymundo Muñoz

Check out the new works by Walter Cote at Next Gallery 3659 Navajo St. Denver CO, 80211.
“This being my fifth show at Next Gallery, I thought of combining some of my older works from previous shows along with newer things I have been working on. Having seen a lot of turnover at Next in 5 years, I think my work has developed from where I started to where it is now, being influenced by my fellow gallery members over a few years. I am still finding that my favorite works of my own are the more spontaneous pieces that kind of just happen. Though my plans for future ideas are always brewing, we know what happens to plans especially in the art world.
Also during this show I will be working on a community piece of art in the gallery during gallery hours that all who visit are welcome to contribute to. I think this will be an interesting and fun to see how it turns out. I will be starting it during the week that I hang the show and will work it during gallery hours and possibly after hours.. I am a member of Next Gallery, located in the Navajo Arts District in northwest Denver. I have been a member since late 2009 after showing there in an open show and being asked to interview to be a member. Showing here has helped me grow as an artist and helped me commit to creating more work on a consistant basis. I like having the ability to experiment with different materials and techniques. Sometimes the outcome isn’t up to what I expect but I usually play with what I am working on to make it a better piece that I like to hang and hopefully someone else appreciates it enough to take it to their home or business to display.
I normally don’t do any type of commission work because I am more of a spontaneous type of artist though once in a while I will do something with an exact outcome in mind ie. the Jim Kelly work I did for my dad’s 80th birthday.
Feel free to leave comments about specific works on this site if you so desire. I appreciate all and any good comments and constructive suggestions. Just don’t say it’s a “pretty picture.” :)”


Artist Walter Cote


By Walter Cote


By Walter Cote


By Walter Cote


By Walter Cote


By Walter Cote


Art patrons checking out the progress on community art piece


Artist Betsy “Dolla B” Rudolph contributing to community art piece