By Raymundo Muñoz

Art and music are so intrinsically entwined it seems only fitting for Helikon Gallery to offer up its own homage to the close relatives in “Volume,” a lively group show of postcard-sized pieces that–despite their small format–speak volumes together and apart. Some pieces are based on lyrics, others on instruments. Some are inspired by the musicians and songwriters and still others by the concert experience itself. It’s a loud and eclectic affair that fills Helikon’s 101 gallery space with color, stories, emotion, and personality. Imagine the visual equivalent of being at a three-day music festival. Better yet, the gallery’s cut is donated directly to Colorado Public Radio, specifically to benefit their music-focused “OpenAir” show. Featuring the talents of Mike Graves, Paul Juno, Jarred De Palo, Kit Seaton, Andrea Fast, Brooke VanDevelder, Rob Mack, Melanie Pruitt, Olive, Danielle Snell, Travis Gillan, Gabe Wells, Vinni Alfonso, Blake A. Chamness, Victor J. Escobedo, Antonia Fernandez, Frank Kwiatkowski, Josh Mowgli, Justine Thibault, Tom Bond, Jake Fairly, Jordan Fickling, Jesse Frazier, Lucas McMahon, Emily J. Moore, Cayce Goldberg, John Van Horn, Axel Geittmann, Morgan Febrey, Ryan Morse, and Dylan Pierpont, “Volume” is on display at Helikon Gallery’s 101 space through Dec. 20. Photos are from Nov. 1 opening reception.


“Everyone’s A Building Burning” by Cayce Goldberg


“Cisum Slived” by Morgan Febrey


Top: By Axel Geittmann. Bottom: By Frank Kwiatkowski


By Danielle Snell




Top: By Paul Juno. Middle: By Jarred De Palo. Bottom: Dylan Pierpont