By Raymundo Muñoz


Repetition is a powerful tool, especially in the hands of Denver artist Ravi Zupa.  In his “Just A Moment…” show at Black Book Gallery, Ravi explores the growing intrusion/inclusion of technology in our global culture via visual reiteration. Utilizing a recently procured antique printing press, the artist presents a worldly collection of works that incorporates both modular design and by-hand alterations.  Each of the many mixed media collage pieces, though similar to others, is completely unique, thanks to the artist’s exhaustive and decades-long studies on art and culture. There is a fevered cross-referencing of ideas at play here, maybe like how a sentient computer might consider humanity at a glance.  Words like “cold” and “menacing,” however, don’t necessarily come to mind when considering the works, although there are numerous allusions to violence.  The spider-like marionette installation alone certainly has a nightmarish quality to it.  Nevertheless, Zupa’s expression of said imagery is always handmade, giving the pieces a warmth and imprecision that–good or bad–is entirely human.  Ravi Zupa’s “Just A Moment…” is on display at Black Book Gallery throughout the month of August.