By Raymundo Muñoz


Opening Thursday May 19 at Sally Centigrade Gallery is “Not Unexpected Anymore,” a two-person show featuring local Arna Miller and Portland, Oregon’s Tripper Dungan. Arna is best known for her hilarious screenprints, which often depict animals engaged in strange acts. Her work can easily be mistaken for vintage circus/magician posters, if not for the anachronistic details and wry commentary replacing the expected advertised information. Spot-on typography seals the deal. As for Tripper, if you didn’t catch his show last year with local Mike Graves, you’re in for a treat. His bright, colorful, tripped-out characters enhanced with 3-D glasses are always a crowd favorite (We gushed about his work last time around, which you can read here). It’s not unexpected for Sally Centigrade to bring you a show of this nature, and that’s a good thing. For more information, please visit Sally Centigrade and


Arna Miller


Tripper Dungan


Goat Luck


Monkey Girl

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