On display at RedLine right now (and running concurrent with Margaret Neumann’s retrospective) is Not Even Human, a curious, sometimes comical group exhibition that plays with expectations while exploring humanity’s connection with non-human lifeforms.

Graceful abstract alabaster sculptures invite you in — but wait, that’s not stone, rather artfully formed salt blocks. And the skilled artists? Cows. Or take the cheery geometric sculptures of Tucker Marder — bright, glossy foam like fondant on a cake, so fake and pretty you almost wanna take a bite. Some viewers do — lemon sharks actually. Ragged bite marks here and there seem innocuous out of context, but the implied violence of the wild nips you upon realization of predatory intent.

“Shark Shape (Zig Zag)” and “Shark Shape (Square)” by Tucker Marder

We come face-to-face with nature through FaceTime-like technology in Bradley Benedetti’s “SAFARINON: INterface,” wherein two primates (a human and a gorilla) eat while watching each other — and, of course, we watch both of them. A strange prism of perception forms with facets of consumption, communication, and community. Differences just melt away.

Neal Agarwal’s video piece “Animal Heartbeats” pulls the heartstrings further with real-time simulations of various species’ differing heart beats, the result of which is a multi-timbral concert of syncopation that may be hard to dance to, but not to feel.

“Untitled” by Colin Ward

The real feels, of course, come with the inclusion of Colin Ward’s untitled piece, completed shortly before the much-loved young artist’s passing earlier this year. An exuberant symphony of color, form, and linework dense with animal references, it’s beautiful, brash, and bittersweet. Questions and concerns about what the hell we’re doing to the living world outside ourselves pervade, but the laughs in Not Even Human are enough to lift you out of shame and (hopefully) into shape.

Not Even Human features Porscha Danielle, Jessica Langley, Justin Beard, Tucker Marder, Sarah Gamble, Bradley Benedetti, Colin Ward, Neal Agarwal, Coleman Mummery, and Margaret Neumann.


On view Nov. 10 РDec. 9. For more information, please visit https://www.redlineart.org/current/

Exploding cat litter via bike pump in Coleman Mummery’s “My Cat.”