Myah Mazcara is back at it with “For Your Protection,” a solo exhibition that transforms her lowbrow haven Sally Centigrade into a morbid bubblegum paradise that’s more pop and trippy than her usual dark offerings. Glossy pills, glittery skulls, and bullseye peepers surround you in a fun and delirious way, while a giant repurposed gumball machine rewards you with bouncing eyeballs and other art surprises.

Beyond the pretty and pink, though, lurk gloomy house-shaped paintings and x-eyed ravens that (along with all the skulls) hint at themes of fear, death, loss, and chance. Heavy, sure, but it’s hard to get dragged down when you feel like you’re at Party City. Altogether, “For Your Protection” is a graphic, interactive delight that blows a bubble in death’s face.

Myah Mazcara’s “For Your Protection” is on view July 11 – 27 at Sally Centigrade Gallery.

Works by Myah Mazcara
Repurposed gumball machine by Myah Mazcara