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“My name is Mike Rogers and I’m a local artist and art teacher here in Colorado. I work at Adams City High School up in Commerce City and I’ve been there for over 7 years. I recently decided that it is time for me to take the advice that I give to my students which is to always follow you’re dreams. My goal is to be a professional artist alongside teaching and I was hoping you could help me in my journey.

I consider myself to be a graffiti style artist who paints pictures of alternative models. I’ve always enjoyed painting people with dyed hair, tattoos, and piercings because I feel that they have already turned themselves into a work of art, however, a lot of times, these individuals are viewed as being uncanny, abnormal, and unapproachable. I find these people to be the most interesting. These are my people. But I don’t paint models simply because they have a particular fashion sense. The people I paint tend to evoke some sort of feeling that I can relate to. It might be the look in their eye or the way they carry themselves, but somehow, this person is telling us a story and my paintings offer a glimpse into their world.

Currently I show my artwork in a variety of galleries in Denver and I also share my work on social media along with my website www.lifeofmike.com. So far, I feel like I have been pretty successful with this endeavor and I know that it has inspired many of my students to pursue their dreams as well.