By Raymundo Muñoz III/Photos: Christopher Rodriguez

Working on 1of1 Magazine means I’m almost always behind-the-scenes at art shows: snapping pictures, doing interviews, taking notes, and being awkward. Being an artist, though, means that on occasion I’m on the other end of the lens (while still being awkward). One such occasion took place mid-October at Sally Centigrade Gallery in a live painting session with Mike Fudge, Myah Bailey, and Karel Moyer.

And I was petrified.

S.C. has done a couple of these over the past year or so (Elena Gunderson, Tom Bond, and Allison Young in the first and Kaitlin Ziesmer, Anthony Garcia, and Betsy Rudolph in the second with Myah contributing in both), and the results are always strange but popping thanks to owners Scott and Myah Bailey’s expertise in artist selection.

Early spring, the powers that be saw fit to offer me the honor and challenge of collaborating side-by-side on a wood panel with three well-respected artists that create works very different from my own, out in the open, with no plans whatsoever.

Sure, I was swimming in fear and self-doubt, but I could not refuse.  The whole experience reminded me of my teenage years — making awful, weird music with friends — which taught me the value of collaboration (with no expectations): It’s fun, exciting, and inspiring. We attain focus and depth working by ourselves, but working with others grants us vast worlds to explore.

Working with these creatives took me places I’ve never been. Weird places. And I thank them for that.

The journey, however, is not over. We’re slated to return to S.C. in the near future to finish what we started. Photos are from the Oct. 17 event, and photo-snapping duties were handled by my friend and brother-from-another-mother Chris Rodriguez. For more information, please visit



Collaborative live painting in process at Sally Centigrade


Artist Mike Fudge laying down one of his kachina characters


Artist Raymundo Munoz adding to Karel’s work