By Raymundo Muñoz

The Hearth: Thomas Scharfenberg and Koko Bayer collaboration

The Hearth: Thomas Scharfenberg and Koko Bayer collaboration

This weekend was a busy one in the RiNo: Kevin Hennessy at Dateline, Slegg and gallery closing party at Hinterland, and perhaps the most surprising of all — Koko Bayer and Thomas Scharfenberg at Megafauna. “Eyes, Hearts, and Body Parts” is an exhibition of individual and collaborative works by the two artists speckled throughout the tables and walls of the local clothing shop. It’s all neat stuff and holiday-appropriate (I scooped up a few of Thomas’s paint glob ornaments), but the real magic is in the installation room.

If you ever saw Scharfenberg’s psychedelic patterned work at Rhinoceropolis, then you’ve had a primer. This one’s more intimate, though, and presented like a fun house with timed showings and a host (doling out spoonful’s of Fruit Loops). For such a small attraction, that may seem unnecessary, but it adds fun and mystery to the experience. Then the door opens to reveal a kaleidoscope of color, light, and mannequin parts.


Ascending mannequin parts.

I’m not sure what any of it means, if anything, but it is beautiful and awe-inspiring in its own way. Imagine a dark room filled with acrylic sprays, globs, and drips, punctuated by Bayer’s evocative imagery, and all lit by a rotating light array. The effect imbues the mannequin parts with a sense of movement that is both strange and mesmerizing, if somewhat disorienting. Just about every inch of the room is covered in something stimulating, and the bright and alluring custom scent wraps it all up nice and neat. Then the bell rings and your time is up.

Works by Koko Bayer

Works by Koko Bayer

“Eyes, Hearts, and Body Parts” is on display through the end of December. Check Megafauna’s event page for more scheduled lightshow installation viewings. Photos from Saturday Nov. 26 opening reception.




Small works by Thomas Scharfenberg and Koko Bayer.