By Raymundo Muñoz III


John Haley III 

Floating in the murky depth of Crimson Hilt‘s big black wall this month are the curious “creatures” of Pangloss Gravitron‘s resident blacksmith John Haley III.  “Metalmorphosis” is the artist’s latest offering of his well-known and well-regarded metalwork.


Elegant, graceful, luxurious, lusty of line — all stylistic hallmarks of Haley’s obsession with Art Nouveau and all counterpoint to the heavier aspects of his work. Making iron look as light and flowing as a blade of grass is no small feat, but it’s one Haley handles with mastery and sensitivity, working with no drawn-out plans. Just letting his “creatures” flow out of him.

That’s what he calls them. His “creatures.”




Others liken them to crustaceans and other fantastic creeping oceanic lifeforms. I imagine something a little more alien. Wherever they come from, though, it must be beautiful, strange, and maybe a little dangerous, too. John Haley III’s “Metalmorphosis” sculptures make Crimson Hilt their den through the first week of May. Photos are from April 11 opening reception. For more information and to purchase works, visit


Artists Brandan Styles and Ellie Rusinova checking out Haley’s work


Scott Bailey, Janelle Anderson, and Myah Bailey


Viewers admiring Haley’s metalwork


John Haley III surrounded by his “creatures”