By Raymundo Muñoz


 Tracy Tomko, Ellie Hammel, Laura Shill, and Theresa Anderson

A group of friends and strangers mingling together for an evening sounds like any art show opening, but when the evening comprises the opening, closing, and everything between, it’s something altogether different. A group of local female artists recently came together at Hinterland for “Intimate Acquaintances,” a one-night love and lust-themed exhibition curated by Ellie Hammel (for a high school senior project, no less).


I’ll admit the urgency of one-night events always piques my interest, but given the show’s theme, it made sense to concentrate the show’s duration. Practical? No. But it’s all akin to a brief, but passionate encounter, where every moment seems to matter, living on and on in brilliant and crashing waves.



The irony of the title is somewhat maddening, but it rides the fine line between lust and love, posing some big questions in its wake. For instance, can love be felt without spending gobs of time with someone? Or is that desire? Is it simply a separation of degrees decided by duration? Or is it a matter of devotion?

Works of varied media from Tracy Tomko, Theresa Anderson, Rebecca Vaughan, Jennifer Ghormley, Laura Shill, Amber Cobb, and Rebecca Peebles were on display, giving a condensed yet multifaceted female perspective that altogether deserves more than just one night’s viewing. Photos are from the April 4 reception at Hinterland. For more information, visit