Throughout June, over 20 artists created murals on panels at Arvada Center for the group show “In Sight On Site: Murals.” Featuring Thomas Scharfenberg, Daniel Crosier, Sandi Calistro, Jaime Molina, Tony Ortega, Jessica Forrestal, Patrick Kayne McGregor, Thomas “Detour” Evans, Heather Patterson, Mark Penner Howell, J.C. Milner, Max Kauffman, Los Supersonicos, Korri Marshall, Charles Parson, Anthony Garcia, Amelia Caruso, Sandra Fettingis, Ramon Bonilla, and Andrew Hoffman.

Show closes August 26.

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Photos by Raymundo Muñoz

Murals by Sandra Fettingis (left) and Ramon Bonilla (right).

Local artist Chris Martinez plays interactive musical mural by Thomas Evans.

Mural by Heather Patterson.

Lots to see: in background mural by Thomas Scharfenberg.

Not known as a muralist, painter Mark Penner Howell amazes regardless.

Artist Max Kauffman and viewer with his mural in background.

Mural by Anthony Garcia began as layers of graffiti developed over weeks.

Mural by Andrew Hoffman.