As summer came to a close, so the moon rose bright and full September 14, 2019. Among all the critters basking in our celestial lady’s glow were a group of artists assembled at a colorful house in Denver’s Elyria neighborhood. Claude Haus (pronounced “Cloud House”) is the name of this enchanting and vibrant place, surrounded in a maze of flowers and peculiar artworks. The house’s eternally chill and creative proprietor is none other than Denver native artist and muralist Thomas “Sharpie” Scharfenberg.

This year “Sharpie” curated a group of his favorite local artists, musicians, and performers to help spruce the place up, while celebrating the symbolic transition to autumn. From midday to midnight, viewers wandered through a labyrinth of wild sunflowers and mannequin parts, finding curious sculptures and paintings floor to ceiling and beyond.

From Victor Escobedo and friends’ ambitious animal-themed marionette performance to Tiffany Matheson’s massive, blooming headdress to Corrina Espinoza’s poem-creating machine, there was no shortage of strange and magical sights. Participating artists included Victor Escobedo, Koko Bayer, Anthony Garcia, Corrina Espinoza, Tiffany Matheson, Melissa Piazza, Coleman Mummery, Nick Jorgensen, Peniel Apanteco, Raymundo Muñoz, Alex Hall, Frankie Toan, Theresa Anderson, Cee Martinez, Levi DalNodar, Nicholas Greivel, Samuel Mata, Emily Wilcox, Sandra Ruiz Parrilla, Baby, and Alicia Ordal.

Photos are from the one-night only Harvest Moon yard art show at Claude Haus on September 14, 2019.

Backyard of Claude Haus during Harvest Moon art show
Corrina Espinoza activating her poem-creating machine.
Marionette performance by Victor Escobedo and friends
Arch by eco-artist Manda Pendleton, constructed from a year’s worth of used plastics.
Viewers gazing at a blooming flower headdress by Tiffany Matheson