Harikrishnan Panicker is a Denver based graphic designer / illustrator. He has a Masters degree in Design from the Industrial Design Center, IIT Bombay and then worked with MTV India where he was the Senior Designer / Supervising Producer and created designs for channels like MTV, Vh1 and NICK. He spends his time experimenting with printmaking, screen printing and working for clients like MTV World, Comedy Central, Vh1, MTV, Nickelodeon, Wigwam Creative Inc, Matter Inc (An Edelman Company), Motive Denver, White Canvas and Invisible Rabbit. He is also working on a line of merchandise under the name – Thumbdemon. In his spare time he collects and customizes vinyl toys, is obsessed with drawing monsters, screen prints , rides his bike, secretly aspires to be in space and works on his super powers. He can keep quiet in 17 languages including Swahili and Parseltongue & can move at an exceptionally slow pace emulating a sloth practicing tai chi!. He is also currently obsessed with the colors yellow and black.