By Raymundo Muñoz

Leon Gallery entrance with Michael Dowling work

Flesh-toned boxing gloves hang at the entrance of Leon Gallery. Part of Michael Dowling’s solo “You Already Know How This Will End.”

It all hangs.

Swinging like a scythe.

So heavy, but

the lightest of the light don’t mind.

Propped up

by what’s been laid down and driven upon.

Eyes for hands that ply and peel, filling nail beds

with earth that bends

then breaks.

Gravity-looks upon

a Rorschach test of pitch and chaos. And

a little push. Gives meaning.

(It’s a mean thing)

Born-again adoption (unfurl your love! —

There’s a brazen bull that wants to hide).

To take and give a beating. Queasy, pink, and tender

pale instruments of conquest or


Don’t look up.

You already know how this will end.


Standing within an arc of clay busts, viewers look down captivated at the ink drawing made by a feather and railroad tie pendulum. Part of Michael Dowling’s “You Aready Know How This Will End” solo show at Leon Gallery.


Work by Michael Dowling.


Flesh-toned boxing gloves by Michael Dowling.

Michael Dowling’s “You Already Know How This Will End” is on display at Leon Gallery January 28 – March 4, 2017. Photos are from the January 28 opening reception. Next reception: Valentine’s Day February 14 6 – 9 PM. For more information, please visit