My work as an art director, photographer, and digital concept creator has allowed me to grow an international following with a spectrum of imaginative endeavors that attempt to transform the internet into one big friendly neighborhood.
Currently focusing on photography, I offer a unique take from behind the viewfinder, capturing words scrawled across pavement, handwritten on walls, and stated de facto on signage from around the world. By compiling the words I’ve found into new combinations, I provoke unforeseen sentiment and meaning through a series of (very) short (visual) stories.
In all my work, I gravitate towards a theme of nostalgia, allowing those who view the work to tap into their own feelings and memories that may be provoked. This nostalgia may be brought on by a word or phrase photographed, the subject matter of of a url, or the items used in one of my curated living room installations.
I currently reside in Boulder, traveling and exploring as extensively as possible.

“Find” by Fouhy

“Stay Wild” by Fouhy