Emma Balder is a New England-bred visual artist with a BFA in Painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Emma was awarded a Staff Artist Fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center and was recently named a finalist of the Peripheral Vision Arts Foundation Prize Fellowship. She has received recognition in publications such as Art Maze Mag, Dialogist and Fresh Paint Magazine. Emma has exhibited both nationally and internationally and her works are included in private and public collections such as the Dave Bown Projects. Emma currently works and lives in Denver, Colorado.


Emma Balder’s sustainable art practice focuses on recontextualizing wasted material in an effort to preserve the natural environment and raise awareness of excessive waste. Manipulating and repurposing the studio waste she generates, as well as that from other makers, counteracts the instant gratification of mass production and consumption of the modern world. Through exploring and accentuating the colors and contours found in nature, she turns every mark into one with intention and purpose, mixing a colorful glimpse of reality with visions of a contemporary, sustainable world.

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