Mysterious and evocative, Corianne Wright’s solo Blu Duets at ReCreative Denver presents an interpretive dance with the past that’s curious, confident, and at times even physically engaging. Built around secret family narratives interrupted by dancing blue figures, it’s anyone’s guess how it all relates exactly. But there are clues.

The stage is set with the low res monochromatic screenprint “Blu,” revealing the main character, historical reference, and emotional backbone for the exhibition. Meanwhile references to childhood and family elements like houses, group photos, a clothesline, and suggestion of a young girl’s death provide a contextual landscape that’s rigid and sullen in appearance and tone.

A dynamic sense of movement, however, comes in the form of “dancers” that interact and intermix with subjects through complex planar layering. Coupled with a bright and limited color palette, dour scenes of loneliness, fear, and doubt are transformed into something invigorating and inviting.

Contrasted with cautious poses and incredulous looks, the want for connection is apparent in the form of hands that reach and offer ground-to-heaven. Add the repeating motif of pink shoes, and you can almost hear music. The rhythm is there, begging release from structures of the past.

Corianne Wright‘s “Blue Duets” is on display July 5 – 26 at ReCreative Denver.

Corianne Wright. “Got It From My Momma.” Acrylic on canvas.

Corianne Wright. “Backside.” Acrylic on canvas.
Corianne Wright. “Better, Best.” Acrylic on canvas.