Raymundo-Munoz-picRaymundo Muñoz
Editor-in-chief/Content maker/Website breaker
I’m not always so serious-looking, but when I am it’s cos I’m working on this website and failing miserably. Either way, I’m dedicated to covering and promoting the shows and the artists that need more exposure — that deserve more exposure — young or old, self-taught or naught. I’m driven by the simple principle that art is only a bridge, and it’s purest purpose is to connect people across time and space. (When I’m not messing around with 1 of 1, I’m messing around with Birdseed Collective and its new space Alto Gallery. I’m a messy guy.)


scottbaileybioScott Bailey
Writer/Photographer/Cat scratcher
From the tarmac to truck stops, my life has revolved around the road for the last ten years. A long time fan of the arts, I have made a point of sharing the art shows from everywhere I go with anyone who is interested. From the sell out shows full of media and celebrities in Los Angeles to the dusty shops in Fargo, I offer it all to you. — Scott Bailey. (Scott also co-owns Sally Centigrade Gallery with his lovely wife and artist Myah Bailey. We tend to cover a lot of their shows, we know, but it’s not because he’s our homie — it’s a great space that shows great art and it’s run by great people. We’re all about that. If you have a problem with that, piss off.)


Anthony Garcia, Sr.
Art Director/Social media editor/Chops buster
Anthony has been creating a new platform for local artists to express themselves with his DIY approach to the Denver art scene. His scattered thoughts and unrivaled willingness to help others, mixed with a little bit of hood, makes him one of Denver’s forces to be reckoned with. (Anthony is Executive Director and Co-Founder of Birdseed Collective, a local 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to servicing Denver’s art community through art, entrepreneurship, and food programs. 1 of 1 operates under this umbrella.)




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