By Scott Bailey

Electromineralism.  Let the word bounce around in your head and soak into your soul.  Can you feel it? Maybe the vibes are rolling over your being now, creating a void and filling it with an entire universe of imagery between your ears.

Andrew (Android) Jones is not only the biggest name in electromineralist art (a wave of artists whose medium is electricity and their hardware and tools are forged from elements found inside the earth), he is a living legend, having worked for George Lucas at Industrial Light & Magic and being the only North American concept artist for Nintendo.  And since making the front range his home a few years back, he jumped right into the Colorado art scene, regularly participating in shows and hosting events at various locations.

Stay tuned to 1 of 1 Magazine as we plan on highlighting more Denver artists every week!   But for now, enjoy the images below, and feel free to purchase anything that you like as they are all for sale by clicking here. 


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