"New Aesthetic" by Cassandra Zook  
Artist Statement:
“My creative process and artworks are influenced directly from my personal experiences as well as by the changing dynamics between culture, technology, and individuality in our ever-diversifying world. For me, art is a tool to be used directly as activism to start a conversation or cause a change in perspective.
I focus on the juxtaposition of the handcrafted qualities of painting and the perfection of digital images. My process involves editing the coding of a picture on a computer, then painting the digitally edited results. The conversation is changed to how my hand reveals the impossibility of creating perfect lines. Social and political ideas/issues such as feminism and socioeconomic inequality stemming from my Quaker, pacifist roots is a dynamic I also explore.”
Cassandra Zook is an artist working in oil painting, but also explores collage, mixed media, and woodworking. She currently lives and works in Denver, originating from a small town in Kansas. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Painting from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, she now has a studio with 40 West Studios in Lakewood, CO.
instagram: @cassie_sandra