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  • Fouhy
    My work as an art director, photographer, and digital concept creator has allowed me to grow an international following with a spectrum of imaginative endeavors that attempt to transform the internet into one big friendly neighborhood.
    Currently focusing on photography, I offer a unique take from behind the viewfinder, capturing words scrawled across pavement, handwritten on walls, and stated de facto on signage from around the world. By compiling the words I’ve found into new combinations, I provoke unforeseen sentiment and meaning through a series of (very) short (visual) stories.
    In all my work, I gravitate towards a theme of nostalgia, allowing those who view the work to tap into their own feelings and memories that may be provoked. This nostalgia may be brought on by a word or phrase photographed, the subject matter of of a url, or the items used in one of my curated living room installations.
    I currently reside in Boulder, traveling and exploring as extensively as possible.

    “Find” by Fouhy

    “Stay Wild” by Fouhy

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  • Emma Balder


    Emma Balder is a New England-bred visual artist with a BFA in Painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Emma was awarded a Staff Artist Fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center and was recently named a finalist of the Peripheral Vision Arts Foundation Prize Fellowship. She has received recognition in publications such as Art Maze Mag, Dialogist and Fresh Paint Magazine. Emma has exhibited both nationally and internationally and her works are included in private and public collections such as the Dave Bown Projects. Emma currently works and lives in Denver, Colorado.


    Emma Balder’s sustainable art practice focuses on recontextualizing wasted material in an effort to preserve the natural environment and raise awareness of excessive waste. Manipulating and repurposing the studio waste she generates, as well as that from other makers, counteracts the instant gratification of mass production and consumption of the modern world. Through exploring and accentuating the colors and contours found in nature, she turns every mark into one with intention and purpose, mixing a colorful glimpse of reality with visions of a contemporary, sustainable world.

    For more information, visit:
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  • Chris Schrein


    Artist Statement:

    C.E. Schrein is a painter, illustrator, and designer whose work often blurs the lines between the three disciplines. His portraits are an exploration of the human condition and how we understand our place in the historical narrative. His illustration and graphic design works are an extension of his fine art and often combine traditional media (paint, ink, pastels) with digital manipulation. C.E. Schrein was born in Indiana and has been working in Denver, CO since March 2014.

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  • Robin Arthur
    Artist Statement:
    I am an artist specializing in joyful, colorful and contemporary animal portraits. As a native Texan, the imagery of the Southwest and abundance of Mexican culture in my background helps inform my uniquely bold style.
    My paintings embody a current cultural shift happening in the United States and are a reflection of the infusion of Mexican style into everyday lives of all Americans. They are fresh, bright, beautiful, passionate, and filled with the warmth and sunshine of Texas and the great Southwest.
    Typically, my portraits include design elements such as bones, flowers, ferns, butterflies, spiders, flower-rimmed eyes and starry skies. In recent years, I have begun painting in a more naturalistic style in order to even better capture the inner personality of each animal through its eyes and expression. My goal is to highlight their unique features in a way that reflects their cheerful quirks and therefore bring joy to my customers. Many have commented that my portraits translate the true essence of their pets to canvas and capture their personalities.
    My work can be found in private collections all over the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Europe.
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  • Cassandra Zook
    "New Aesthetic" by Cassandra Zook  
    Artist Statement:
    “My creative process and artworks are influenced directly from my personal experiences as well as by the changing dynamics between culture, technology, and individuality in our ever-diversifying world. For me, art is a tool to be used directly as activism to start a conversation or cause a change in perspective.
    I focus on the juxtaposition of the handcrafted qualities of painting and the perfection of digital images. My process involves editing the coding of a picture on a computer, then painting the digitally edited results. The conversation is changed to how my hand reveals the impossibility of creating perfect lines. Social and political ideas/issues such as feminism and socioeconomic inequality stemming from my Quaker, pacifist roots is a dynamic I also explore.”
    Cassandra Zook is an artist working in oil painting, but also explores collage, mixed media, and woodworking. She currently lives and works in Denver, originating from a small town in Kansas. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Painting from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, she now has a studio with 40 West Studios in Lakewood, CO.
    instagram: @cassie_sandra
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  • Aaron Best

    illustration by street artist Aaron Best mural work by street artist Aaron Best illustration by street artist Aaron Best

    The work of street artist Aaron David Best personifies a vibrant landscape of color, fusing movement and sound into a violent cacophony. Diving into the surreal and abnormal, Best deconstructs reality, plays with space and depth, saturates colors pallets, and intensifies rhythm and movement. Heavy color contrasts violently against equally vibrant characters, ideas, and themes. Best separates himself from social and political statements and instead focuses on bringing a unique perspective on reality. Pop surrealism, glitch art, graffiti, and illustration are some of his greatest visual art influences. Best enjoys combining two or more aspects of each medium into a single piece, creating a hybrid of the mediums. Best has stated he gains the majority of his influence through music: “My creative process always involves music. I gain the greatest influences of my work through it, specifically hip-hop and jazz.

    Find out more about Aaron Best:


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  • Joanna Hoge

    Elegy to the Autonomic thumbnail Arrhythmic thumbnail Transmission thumbnail

    Joanna Hoge (born 1989) is an artist and illustrator based in Golden, Colorado.

    Hoge received her Bachelor of Arts from Saint Louis University in 2011 and  her Master of Fine Arts from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville this past May. Her work has been exhibited both locally and nationally at venues including Reese Gallery (MO), Art Saint Louis (MO), The Edwardsville Art Center (IL), and The Drawing Room (CT).

    Statement: My artistic practice is inspired by our complex understanding of the human body: its aesthetic beauty, its mechanistic functioning, and its inextricable connection to personal identity.

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  • Tom Sarmo

    Selfie sarmo  St M sarmo   Bones sarmo


    Tom Sarmo owns and works in the Cranky Bird Studio.
    He’s been at it professionally for over 25 years, and has work in a variety of collections, galleries, and publications including childrens books, magazines, and related merchandise. He is a member of the Denver Illustration Salon.

    Tom is passionate about nearly all art, but most particularly the creative, illustrative type.
    He uses a variety of media, and his subject matter is fed by his interests: Romantic and Victorian Literature, 19th century and medieval subjects, history, the sciences, hand-drawn animated film, almost all types of music, and peculiar places.

    He’s also dedicated to sharing knowledge; he is an instructor with Art Makers Denver, and also teaches a variety of workshops at Foothills Art Center and at other venues across the state.

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  • Drew Sarka

    drewsarkaheadsunlit_horses_small  herman's_gulch_small

    Drew Sarka’s medical background influences his artwork. His landscape, equine and figurative oil paintings are crafted with intention and careful consideration for how light, shadow and form capture everyday life experiences and the simplicity and beauty of what Colorado has to offer.

    Artist Statement:
    “As a family doctor by day, my job is to take care of others. With my art, I attempt to do the same thing. Though I paint representational subjects, my intent is to convey a broad abstract concept in each of my paintings that are produced with compassion and care. My work is inspired by the simple beauty all around us, in what we experience every day. As a result, I hope to capture just some of life’s joys and pleasantries in my work and daily life.”

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  • Mike Rogers


    mike rogers 300 150-3150-1

    “My name is Mike Rogers and I’m a local artist and art teacher here in Colorado. I work at Adams City High School up in Commerce City and I’ve been there for over 7 years. I recently decided that it is time for me to take the advice that I give to my students which is to always follow you’re dreams. My goal is to be a professional artist alongside teaching and I was hoping you could help me in my journey.

    I consider myself to be a graffiti style artist who paints pictures of alternative models. I’ve always enjoyed painting people with dyed hair, tattoos, and piercings because I feel that they have already turned themselves into a work of art, however, a lot of times, these individuals are viewed as being uncanny, abnormal, and unapproachable. I find these people to be the most interesting. These are my people. But I don’t paint models simply because they have a particular fashion sense. The people I paint tend to evoke some sort of feeling that I can relate to. It might be the look in their eye or the way they carry themselves, but somehow, this person is telling us a story and my paintings offer a glimpse into their world.

    Currently I show my artwork in a variety of galleries in Denver and I also share my work on social media along with my website So far, I feel like I have been pretty successful with this endeavor and I know that it has inspired many of my students to pursue their dreams as well.

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  • Denver Artist Profile: Caleb Hahne

    By Scott Bailey

    Welp, have to confess feeling a little late to party.  After getting lots of attention from national art outlets like Juxatpoz, Hi-Fructose, and Platinum Cheese and being named one of the 10 People To Watch in 2015 by Westword, I am finally catching on to how awesome Caleb Hahne is.

    Despite only being one year out of school, Caleb is an absolute fixture in the Denver art scene,  showing at a number of galleries and being an ever present supporter of other artists by attending their shows. However, Caleb has branched out beyond The Mile High City, and  in the first half of 2015 he has already had shows at some of the nation’s most prestigious exhibiting spaces including Soze Gallery, Modern Eden, and Athen B. Gallery.  But he hasn’t forgotten his home town: we will be treated to two upcoming shows this weekend right here in the 303 starting with a 5-person show titled “Nothng Belongs To Us” at Rule Gallery opening July 10th, then one day later (July 11th) a solo show titled “Eveninig Ceremonies” at the Svper Ordinary Gallery.  You can count on 1/1 for coverage, hope to see you at both shows!




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  • Cal Duran

    New Scan 23 - Colorado Denver (1)_resized IMG_12896305779238_resized New Scan 5 - Colorado Denver (1)_resized

    Gold monarch butterflies invoke my mind, a million and one different moments fuel my spirit. And suddenly a different world takes me home. With animals with crowns, with saints not yet born . Suddenly it comes out of me like a dream  thats been hiding in me  for so long. All my pain and wounds seem to fade. And  a world comes to surface within my hands, and those butterflies give me kisses to keep moving on…

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  • Daniel Crosier

    unnamed  unnamed-2  unnamed-1


    Daniel Crosier is a graduate of the sculpting department at RMCAD, in 2000.  Crosier is a mixed media artist, and began a neo-kabuki performance group called OFM: OdAm fEI mUd in 2003.  He came on the comic book scene in 2006 writing and illustrating Sons of Soil, The Exquisite Vanishteer, Distortions Unlimited, Vincent Price Presents, as well as illustrating Bartholomew of the Scissors & Caustic Soda. Crosier partnered with The Enigma and Serana Rose for Show Devils #1, with illustrator Karl Christian Krumpholz. He has directing  short films since 2003, as well.  He is also developing a Show Devils film which will be the second feature, after Isolation Man, a mockumentary about a superhero who accidentally vanishes the western hemisphere.

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  • Rashelle Stetman


    The way we perceive one another, the intensity of a relationship and what that would look like in a still moment on paper is what drives me as an artist. I work primarily in pen, graphite, oils, and color pencil. My subject matter consists of a series of realistically rendered portraits incorporating both internal and external features. My works utilize extreme detail through the use of illustrating then using oils to create depth and transparent color into the wood.

    Portraiture can communicate strong emotions when incorporating the effects the model and I have on one another. While selecting the most prominent individuals who have touched my life, my portraiture has conceptually developed on a more profound level.

    I am captivated by the human body, especially our heads and heart which hold our most sacred thoughts and emotions. Being fascinated with the human condition in which we live our lives, I strive to create work through my vision of all we encompass.



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  • Nickie Befus


    “Nickie Befus is a native of Colorado who received her bachelors in fine arts from the State University of New York, Purchase College in 2011. Nickie works in many mediums, in both two and three dimensions, and operates a small painting business. When time and space are permitted Nickie chooses to work with perfomance and installation art concepts that attempt to integrate technology, identity and a live audience. Nickie Befus currently resides in Capitol Hill as a professional artist and can be reached via email at

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  • Adrienne DeLoe



    My interest in creating nature themed artwork is founded on my love of nature and the desire to create works that exude beauty and wonder. I use materials that reflect the elements of our inspiring environment including seedpods, pressed flowers and encaustic.

    I consider each piece of artwork that I create to be a microenvironment. A place where my imagination gives way to fantastical landscapes which present the illusion of having grown all on their own. I strive to invent work that offers the viewer a sense of whimsy, while simultaneously invoking a feeling of peculiarity.

    Our beautiful planet provides me with continuous inspiration as well as the source for much of my medium. I am deeply concerned about our environment and my art is an outlet for me to call attention to the power and splendor of nature.




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  • Ozi Magaña

    FEOweb aranaweb


    Drawing from a multitude of cultural, institutional, and fantastical influences Ozi Magaña strives to create a body of work that is as diverse as it is unique. His artistic style is heavily influenced by classical figure painting and contemporary illustration. This is a man who isn’t afraid to show you his technical skill and childhood heroes simultaneously. Growing up on a healthy diet of comic books and cartoons Ozi knew almost immediately uponn entering this world that he wanted to create visual imagery. Once out of high school he began a serious pursuit in the study of anatomy, to better understand the dynamic work he was so intent on creating. Lost he became upon the study of light displayed by the likes of Carravagio and Goya and through their work learned a new found love for the level of drama paintings could possess.

    Eventually Ozi would go back to his childhood obsession of the super heroic. He would begin to break apart and recombine these classic tales with his own heritage in order to show that these stories and characters were universal, timeless even. Why couldn’t there be a spider-esque avenger swinging through the jungles and pyraminds of the pre-columbian world? How much would the civil rights movement have changed if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. could read minds or if Malcolm X could manipulate metal? These are worlds Ozi dreams of living in and ones he is determined to bring into reality albeit on a visual scale.

    Ozi believes in a diversity of disciplines. While his main focus has been oil painting he also uses acrylics, gouache, watercolors, pen and ink, pastels, charcoal, graphite, mixed media and spraypaint. He also wants to incorporate more sculpture and installation into his work to help push his paintings into a new direction.

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  • Andrea Gordon


    “My name is Andrea Gordon.  I was born and raised in Denver and still live in this incredible place.  Art is not just about aesthetic beauty but also about the importance of possibilities and the affirmation of  living an honest, inquisitive, caring and engaged life.  My goal is for my paintings to express these values.  I constantly explore new ideas, switch genres and/or mediums searching for new possibilities.  My art reflects what I feel are important qualities of a meaningful life – be honest, have an open mind and an open heart, truly listen to others, be open to new possibilities, work to make things better. I’m not interested in ignoring or glossing over the many important issues we face, but instead of painting specifically about one particular issue, I  hope my paintings inspire a state of mind and heart to find commonality, hopefulness and open and honest conversation.  At the very least, my goal when I am painting is to be completely present and engaged with the process so that what comes out is completely honest.”

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  • Joe Patane

    Floating.Boulders.300All the colors in front of Grey.1503rd eye.150

    Joe Patane, painter, glass, and neon artist, received his BFA from Alfred University and furthered his studies at Pilchuck Glass School and Penland School of Craft.  He continues to gain inspiration through traversing the Rocky Mountains by snowboard and cruising in his ‘64 Impala.  His art draws from both the simplicity and complexity of nature.  His custom works are similarly inspired by the environments in which they are to be displayed in and the source they are meant to reflect.

    LINKS  :

    INSTAGRAM     @joe_patane


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  • Anna Kaye

    Anna Kaye, Apparition, 54x54 inches, graphite and charcoal on paperOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnna Kaye_Bleached Pine_detail_48x30_charcoal on paper

    Anna Kaye’s meticulous drawings explore the relationship between coniferous forests and their wildfires. Working as an artist in Colorado, she is influenced by the region’s annual fire season. Her drawings emphasize fire as a natural impetus for change and regeneration. She earned her Bachelor of Science in geology and fine art at Skidmore College, NY. She continued her education at Yale’s Norfolk program in printmaking, painting, drawing, and photography. She received her Masters of Fine Arts degree at Washington University in St. Louis where she was awarded the Laura and William Jens Scholarship and a teaching on record position. Anna Kaye’s artwork is a part of international, private, corporate, and museum collections including Home & Garden Television’s Green Home 2011. Interviews and reviews include National Public Radio’s Colorado Matters, Colorado Life Magazine, and the Denver Post. Kaye donates a percentage of all sales annually to Colorado State Forest Service’s Bark Beetle Mitigation Fund. She was a former Visiting Assistant Professor and Co-Coordinator of Drawing at Metropolitan State University, Denver. She currently teaches at the Denver Art Museum and is represented by the Sandra Phillips Gallery in Denver.

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  • Steve Adams


    Steve Adams, is an American post-abstract bucket and brush man, who grew up in the 70’s/80’s NYC Lower East Side Art Movement. He is a man of many interests and tastes. Steve has a long fascination with the CIA, beautiful blondes, large block V-8’s and the bohemian life. Steve’s work mixes conceptually based, commodified technique with surrealistic self-expression sensibilities. Working within Steve’s untraditional process, he has eliminated that part of Western tradition in which painting is an illusionist picture of part of the world.

    Steve, along with his wife Heather, have just opened the Steve Adams Gallery in old town Littleton, a brand new “art house” showcasing international and regional contemporary art.

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  • Raimundo Rubio


    Raimundo Rubio is a New York City based Chilean artist who positions his recent work at the intersection of several movements in art history. His painterly technique features the artist’s fascination with color and abstraction. The works immediately convey a fascination with Jackson Pollock’s all-over abstract expressionist technique and a constant balancing of color evocative of Clyfford Still in his color field discoveries.  Rubio’s emotional investment ultimately takes the discussion to a place where his work represents a  dialogue about our complicated world and our relationship with the cosmos.

    His work is currently being shown at the Steve Adams Gallery in old town Littleton.




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  • Stephen Lack


    Stephen Lack’s car paintings are not too far removed from the traditional 19th century paintings of horses like those of Stubbs, except now the horses are compressed and multiplied under the hood and the colors are pumped to the radiant palette of Samsung and Sony. Still, the musculature of the machines are poised with the stillness and formality of the tradition from which they herald.

    Truly, Stephen Lack is a 21st Century landscape artist. In his hands, the landscape expands to the world of media, and beyond the materialism represented, are the complex emotional conflicts that inspire so much of our entertainment.

    Each painting is a distillation of the action happening all around us all the time….. and he morphs it into an unexpected celebration.

    “……there is a Bay Area sense of light in his work. At his most figurative, his paintings call to mind Fairfield Porter and Milton Avery. But, it is probably most apt to consider him a hybrid Hopper– capturing both painter Edward Hopper’s sense of alienation and film actor Dennis Hopper’s seductive menace.” Katie Clifford ARTNews


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  • Tyrone J. Webb



    Tyrone J. Webb II is a self-taught Fine Spray Paint artist from Westminster, CO whose primary goal in his art is to project a feeling of safety in an alien or fantasy environment. He refers to his paintings as “My Wondrous Travels.” He has shown in several cafes in Boulder, is on the Board of Directors for the Boulder Art Association, and currently showing in ‘The Dairy Center for the Arts ’til Sept. 5th. He helped to found the BAA Community Art Center in Boulder this year and currently sits on the board for the non-profit Climate Colorado. He is a 20 year vet of the IT industry and a father to 3 girls and husband to an amazing woman.

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  • Patricia J. Finley



    Finley Riot 30x40Finley Tango 1 24x24 Finley Purple Mts Majesty 48x48

    Artist Statement:

    My art reflects the joy I take in creating.   I love the process of creating art as well as the result of creating.  I go, and thus my art goes, where the process takes me. While I always start a new piece with an idea, a concept, a design or a goal in mind, only rarely does the result match my intentions exactly.  This is a result of the qualities of my chosen medium, for I create by adding paint and ink to resin and painting with colored resin.

    Creating with colored resin requires certain flexibility, a carefully cultivated adroitness and a savoir-faire attitude for this fascinating medium rarely does what I had originally expected it to.  Experimentation, as well as a willingness to fail, is key.

    The immediacy of resin and its flowing movement are what make this difficult medium so appealing to me.  As with life, there is only so much control that I have over resin.  Mistakes happen; sometimes those are happy mistakes; sometimes not.

    My most recent series is called the Riot (of Color) series.  In this series, I have used the same four colors in each piece with wildly different results.

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  • Aria

    1of1 11of1 21of1 3

    Aria (The Weirdo behind ShePaintsWithBlood)  is a self taught artist from Denver.

    She began drawing as soon as she could hold a crayon and has not stopped the madness since.

    In her art, she likes to reflect the monsters she meets throughout the day and their naturally unnatural habitats.
    Swirling skies with beasts sprouting clockwork from their bodies, deer manifesting from trees and embryos floating within moons are just some of the common visuals found in her mostly watercolour on canvas work which she often refers to as surrealist in nature.  

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  • Kort Duce


    “One could call my painting style naïve art with a pop art and  contemporary art influence. I like to create paintings that have a  simple design, tell a story and use a vivid color palette. I add heavy  texture using paint, 3D objects and other acrylic binders to bring depth  and complexity.

    To date, I have completed nearly 50 paintings in my rooster and chicken series.

    In 2012 newspaper article about “Collective Whimsy,” an art show I headlined, Miyai Abe Griggs, the executive director of The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho, was quoted as saying ‘Art doesn’t always have to be so serious. There’s nothing wrong with art that makes you smile.'”

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  • Paul Weiner
    Paul Weiner is a contemporary artist whose work deals with troubles facing the Millennial generation through abstract paintings, video art, and installations. His most recent series of work deals with coping mechanisms for anxiety. Weiner has exhibited his artwork in international galleries at the Leeds College of Art Gallery in Leeds, UK; HOUSE Gallery in London, UK; York St. John University in York, UK; and throughout the United States in Colorado, Massachusetts, and New York. Weiner is the founder and sole contributor to Critique Collective, an art blog where he interviews contemporary artists. His artwork was recently published in the Stone Canoe Journal and Berlin’s the Corner Magazine​.


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  • Mitch Farrer

    SwwetheartLady BuckHeavy Pets Poster2

    Mitch is an artist and co-founder of a local art, print, and design company called TH!S. He is from Denver and has an extensive background in the snowboard industry. Mitch creates mixed media combined with graphic design to produce shirts, posters, stickers, and various other works of art.




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  • Larren Maxson

    Defiance Of Sleep_300_300Dream Cleaver_150_150Heart Of Light_150_150

    Larren Maxson is a digital artist and a co-founder of TH!S, a local art, print, and design company. Larren was born and raised in Iowa, but has called Denver his home for the past thirteen years. He has a background in graphic design and earned his bachelor’s degree in International Animation from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design (RMCAD). Larren has had a diverse professional background including five years as a sub-contractor for Lockheed Martin working on both classified and non-classified 3D modeling and animation projects; producing a stop-motion animation commercial for an international snowboard company; and working as a lighting designer for local and national music venues.

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  • Mike Sherrill


    Mike Sherrill is one of the co-founders and a contributing artist/designer at TH!S- Art, Print and Design. He is a Colorado native and received his BFA from RMCAD. Much of  Mike’s artistic inspiration has been influenced and incorporated into Denver’s local music, skate, snowboard, and street art scenes.  He focuses on custom art projects using multiple different media and technique. In 2009 and 2010 he joined forces with a group of independent artists to paint live murals at the Mile High Music Festival. He’s designed and executed multiple large scale mural projects, including those at five major concert venues. He has animated multiple short commercials for skate and snowboard companies. Mike has also designed, painted and installed street art magnets across the globe.  He strives to push his artistic talent to the next level with each step along the way.

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  • Jeremiah Mason

    Grazing 300dpi-1CAUL 4 Larren 150dpi-1Alignment 150dpi-1

    Colorado born artist Jeremiah Mason gains inspiration from snowboarding, music and nature. He is a self taught artist/photographer with an emphasis in street art. His mediums include acrylic, spray paint, stickers, stencils, magnets and digital art. He is currently a graphic designer and artist at TH!S.



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  • Charlie Boots


    Charlie Boots studied sculpture and ceramics at the University of Northern Colorado beginning in 2008 and, in 2010, began drawing and painting at Metro State University of Denver where he received his Bachelors of Fine Art in Studio Art in 2013. Boots has shown his work at the Museum of Contemporary Art: Boulder, the Artwork Network Gallery, and the Center for Visual Art. In 2014, he was accepted to the New York Academy of Art, where he will continue the developing in the practice of painting.

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  • Travis Gillan


    Travis Gillan is an artist/illustrator based out of Denver, CO. Often heady and always surreal, his work explodes with intense symbolism. From concert posters to skateboards, from album sleeves to t-shirt graphics, his craft lends itself to all mediums. To view his work is to peer into the slow-beating heart of a hallucinogenic stereogram.

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  • Harikrishnan Panicker


    Harikrishnan Panicker is a Denver based graphic designer / illustrator. He has a Masters degree in Design from the Industrial Design Center, IIT Bombay and then worked with MTV India where he was the Senior Designer / Supervising Producer and created designs for channels like MTV, Vh1 and NICK. He spends his time experimenting with printmaking, screen printing and working for clients like MTV World, Comedy Central, Vh1, MTV, Nickelodeon, Wigwam Creative Inc, Matter Inc (An Edelman Company), Motive Denver, White Canvas and Invisible Rabbit. He is also working on a line of merchandise under the name – Thumbdemon. In his spare time he collects and customizes vinyl toys, is obsessed with drawing monsters, screen prints , rides his bike, secretly aspires to be in space and works on his super powers. He can keep quiet in 17 languages including Swahili and Parseltongue & can move at an exceptionally slow pace emulating a sloth practicing tai chi!. He is also currently obsessed with the colors yellow and black.

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  • David Richardson


    In 2009, David opened his own studio doing freelance sculpting & painting. RICHARDSON STUDIO has worked hard to provide quality sculpting for any need. Richardson Studio has covered all areas from animals to aliens, monsters to cowboys. Richardson Studio has worked with world-class sculptors Kent Ullberg and Fritz White as well as celebrities like the famous movie director and author Clive Barker. David has even had the opportunity to sculpt with the SPFX and Halloween prop company Distortions Unlimited in Greeley, CO. David will be featured as a sculptor on the hit television show, “Making Monsters” on the Travel Channel. Richardson Studio is always accepting commissions and will travel. Contact David at:

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  • Delanie Holton-Fessler


    Delanie Holton-Fessler recieved her BFA in Sculpture from Metro State College in 2004 and a Masters in Art and Education from Regis University in 2009. For the past ten years, she has worked as an art teacher, momma, and practicing artist in Denver. Her role as a mother and and as a teacher informs her work. Both are about her ability to connect, create and share with others. Delanie’s work is an abstract, visual representation of connection on all levels.

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    Nspire is a graffiti/street artist from Denver. Known for his original and inspiring murals and continued contributions to the Hip Hop culture. Founder of the Secret Skwadron, Capo of the Pyramid Gang and member of the Tetrahedron. If he isn’t switch tailsliding a ledge or programming a beat on Protools, he’s probable scribing a sink or buffing out a new wall. Check out more art and music by Nspire at:

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  • Vincent “Cheap” Fasano

    vc1 vc3vc2

    Vincent Cheap is a painter/multi media artist from Denver Colorado. He also plays trumpet, banjo, and trumpet in a band called malamadre.

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  • Antonia Fernandez

    Antonia Fernandez is originally from Colorado and recently graduated with her BFA from Metropolitan State University of Denver. She concentrates on realism and portraiture, spending intimate time recording their history and personality. Using oil paints she gives focus to the wrinkles in their face and puts extensive detail even in the subtlest marks, as they serve as maps of the subjects’ life. . Usually, in history only wealthy patrons could afford portraits and were designed to depict their social status, wealth, and an idealized depiction of what was thought to be beauty. Combating this historical bias, Antonia’s paintings showcase the subjects’ moral wealth and values by depicting them in a manner true to their individual character.
    Instagram @Antonia__Art

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  • Ian Cochrane

    ian1 ian2 ian3
    I am a self taught artist specializing in unique, bold, and often colorful paintings, that tend to have a high level of ambiguity. This seems to engage the viewer, almost like asking them to solve a puzzle( which may or may not be there). When I paint, I almost go into a zen like state and my works are usually not planned and never sketched out beforehand. I rely on my intuition to guide me through the piece and create a feast for the viewers eyes.
    twitter @iancochraneart

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  • Kans89

    Born and raised in Denver, Kans89 is a visual artist/muralist who has been working professionally for about 10 years. His work focuses on realism, graffiti art, deconstructionism and graphic motifs stepping away from any boundaries of confinement. Starting at the age of 14 Kans now has numerous murals around Colorado and was amongst the first graffiti artists commissioned by the city of Denver for a public art piece.  “I produce work to immortalize myself while at the same time expressing my thoughts, views, and feelings.  With that being said, no life is lived without death therefore death is just as much a part of life as breathing is. Art is my life, art is my legacy, art is my death.”-Kans

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  • Earl Chuvarsky

    Earl Chuvarsky is a fifth generation Colorado native and trained artist who has been showing professionally since 2010 but has been creating for much, much, longer. He cut his teeth with an eight month stint in the heart of the Santa Fe Arts District of Denver before showing the majority of the year in various galleries all over the state and works closely with The Birdseed Collective. Favoring painting from memory over photo references Earl’s work concentrates on the figurative to help reveal what drives us at our very core: love, gratification, rejection, curiosity, selfishness, guilt, and acceptance. Common threads of the human condition which bind us all together.

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  • Naomi Scheck

    My artwork has largely been influenced by my understanding of the natural world as being in constant flux. Through my drawings I explore natural life processes that are both beautiful and destructive, addressing growth and decay. I manipulate the surface of the paper by staining, cutting away at, and adding texture to it, resulting in varied and interrelating forms. The various elements of the drawings work together to create the feeling of an amorphous entity in the midst of uncertainty and change.

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  • Rebecca Green


    Rebecca Green is a freelance illustrator and gallery artist newly residing in Denver. She works mainly in acrylic and oil, and dabbles in 3-d work.

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  • Emily Dwan

    Denver based artist, Emily Dwan, uses oils, acrylic or watercolor to create a thought-provoking experience for the viewer.

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  • Mario Zoots

    Denver-based collage artist Mario Zoots received his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Metropolitan State University and his Master’s of Arts in Emergent Digital Practices from the University of Denver. He has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions internationally and has commissioned works for Nylon Magazine and Urban Outfitters. In 2012, Zoots was named Denver publication 5280’s Top of the Town Artist.

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  • Keith Goble

    Cladagh (2)
    Keith Goble is a Denver based artist. His primary medium is acrylic paint but he also works with spray paint, watercolor and colored pencil. He is currently a resident artist at Helikon Gallery and Studios in the RiNo Art District.

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  • Victor Escobedo


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  • Gemma Bayly

    Existing in the realms between the physical and spiritual planes, Gemma conjures a Pythagorean quantum mysticism in her work. Her drawings and collages are deeply spiritual, and stir subconscious parts of our being that we may not understand or be aware of. She plays with theories in Torsion Field Physics, Sacred Geometry, and our experience of the many dimensions in Quantum Theory.

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  • Sara Wilson

    Fly,Okay? Illustration is Sara Wilson, a digital illustrator residing in Denver, Colorado.
    Fly,Okay? Illustration consists of whimsical and endearing subject matter that inspires the imagination of the young and old alike.
    Sara uses a combination of digital and traditional mediums to create her illustrations.
    Please feel free to contact Sara at concerning custom portraits, custom nursery art, commissions, or any other inquiries.

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  • Delton Demarest


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  • Anthony Salazar

    oneonone Commerce City based Anthony Salazar has been working as a freelance illustrator for well over a decade. In the past few years, he has begun showing his art all over Denver and is establishing himself as one of the most diverse and dynamic artists in the city.

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  • Myah Bailey

    Boulder based artist Myah Bailey uses muted tones and supernatural imagery to create noir scenes from a larger narrative. Each series is compromised of parts of an ongoing story with intersecting characters and overlapping themes.

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  • Disbound

    The work of Disbound represents an exploration of the creative inclination that’s entirely unconstrained by a commercial imperative. As an abstract representationalist, cultivating a dialog based upon social commentary is the heart that drives his creative process. The conceptual theory of Disbound’s oeuvre is to remove the incarcerating tint created by rose colored glasses of conservatisms and show the true nature of the human condition.

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  • Pedro Barrios


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  • Enrique Lazaro


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  • Anarchivist Glasser


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  • Nigel Penhale


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  • Arna Miller


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  • Markham Maes


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  • Michael Ortiz


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  • Rob Roybal


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  • Frank Kwiatkowski


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  • Joseph Martinez


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  • Gamma Acosta


    Based in Colorado and traveling all over to share the art of Gamma Gallery. Available for booking mural paintings, live events and performance art.

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  • Jonathan Lamb


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  • Jim Beastoh Stigall


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  • Jher 451


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  • Max Kauffman


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  • MOEH


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  • Ravi Amar Zupa

    Ravi Zupa’s art education started with his family and continued on at his local library. Zupa has spent the last decades studying art from cultures and movements that span history and originate from nearly all geographical regions. He considers books the best way to experience art. Being entirely self-taught, he looks for inspiration in works by German Renaissance print makers, Flemish primitives, abstract expressionists, Japanese woodblock artists, Mughal paintings, religious iconography from Europe, Asia and pre-Columbian Latin America, and revolutionary propaganda the world over. With a distaste for ironic art or the thoughtless appropriation of culture, Zupa seeks to integrate these disparate elements in search of some universal experience that explains, at least in part, what our incredibly fortunate historical position might mean.

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  • Sandi Calistro

    Sandi was born in New Britain, Connecticut where her love for painting and art has been with her since childhood. After graduating in 1997 in Naples, Maine she made her way mid-west to Denver, Colorado. She adores being a custom tattoo artist at Kaze Gallery where she can exercise her talent beyond painting on trusting individuals. As an avid animal lover Sandi incorporates them into her paintings on occasion. Women have always been the focus of most of her paintings. The beauty, flow and character of women have intrigued her for as long as she can remember.

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  • JOLT – Guerilla Garden

    Employing wordplay, Jolt has developed a character called the guerilla gorilla. The playful character embodies Urban Nature—he is both wild and civilized. GuerillaGarden, which is the name of Jolt’s company, references a movement that originated in New York City in the early 1970s. Guerilla gardening is an improvised attempt to beautify a deteriorating landscape.

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  • Anthony Garcia

    Anthony Garcia Sr. has created a new platform for local artists to express themselves with his DIY approach to the Denver art scene. His scattered thoughts and unrivaled willingness to help others, mixed with a little bit of hood, makes him one of Denver’s forces to be reckoned with. As ½ of Birdseed Collective, Anthony Garcia Sr. strives to succeed in Denver’s quickly growing art scene and hopes to pave the way for future artists.

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  • Thomas Evans

    Thomas Evans is an urban artist that utilizes the airbrush and oils to capture the human figure. His subjects a representative of the influences and inspiration of the urban culture that surrounds his world.

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  • Alex Taylor

    Alex Taylor is a local tattoo artist who works at Crimson Hilt Tattoo. His artistic pursuits span over a multitude of mediums put he prefers to work in Oils, Charcoal, Watercolor, as well as his favorite form of expression; tattooing. Most of his art has surreal aspects to it and many of his pieces have a unique social commentary. Alex enjoys inviting his viewers to create there own interpretations of his work.

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  • Mike Graves

    mg Mike Graves has been arting FOREVER. He is a painter, illustrator, screenprinter and a custom toy designer. Mike has shown his collective works in Hawaii, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Brooklyn ,Phoenix, Chicago,Calgary and numerous galleries in Colorado.You can see his art on skate decks, t-shirts, buildings and everything in between.

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  • Ct Nelson

    CT Nelson’s paintings do not fit into one artistic movement. His approach draws from many and has developed into a unique style that is completely his own. A captivating contrast of urban linear illustrative street aesthetics within fragmented Americana and Neoclassical narratives encourages further investigation of complex, emotional contemplation. Employing an exceptional awareness of light and color, Ct creates an opportunity to delve deeper into phantasmagorical landscapes where the initial discomforts and distortions of the grotesque transform into genuine intellectual curiosities.

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  • Brandan Styles

    bs http:/

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  • John Fellows


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  • Emily J. Moore

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  • Jaime Molina


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  • Scot Lefavor

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