“My name is Andrea Gordon.  I was born and raised in Denver and still live in this incredible place.  Art is not just about aesthetic beauty but also about the importance of possibilities and the affirmation of  living an honest, inquisitive, caring and engaged life.  My goal is for my paintings to express these values.  I constantly explore new ideas, switch genres and/or mediums searching for new possibilities.  My art reflects what I feel are important qualities of a meaningful life – be honest, have an open mind and an open heart, truly listen to others, be open to new possibilities, work to make things better. I’m not interested in ignoring or glossing over the many important issues we face, but instead of painting specifically about one particular issue, I  hope my paintings inspire a state of mind and heart to find commonality, hopefulness and open and honest conversation.  At the very least, my goal when I am painting is to be completely present and engaged with the process so that what comes out is completely honest.”