By Raymundo Muñoz

“Gregorio” is too cool, and he knows it. Eyes half-mast, he’s the kind of character that can mix in anywhere, be anything, and not even care. At least that’s how his creator André Lippard envisions him. “G: Funk” is the latest show on display at Crimson Hilt, and it’s as much Gregorio’s as it is André’s. Blending 8-bit-reminiscent stylings with three-dimensional details, Lippard’s work is clever and lively, structured and playful–a good treatment for his old character, a worldly man of Spanish descent. Here we find him in several musical iterations: in studio, goth, punk, AND Brit punk. It’s a wild mix of elements, and just a small sampling of this prolific artist’s work. In addition to showing throughout Denver, Lippard co-curates a group show at Art Lounge in Wheat Ridge, and you can find out all about it at “G: Funk” is on display at Crimson Hilt Tattoo and Gallery all month; photos are from June 13th opening reception. For more information and to purchase works, visit


Work by André Lippard


Work by André Lippard



Work by André Lippard 


André Lippard