1/1 Magazine  //  An interview with The Anarchivist  by  Matt DeLong


1/1: What got you interested in art?
TA: Like a typical boy at 7 years old I started drawing cars. In my pre-teens I would go to custom car shows with my father and loved the custom paint and designs on the cars.
1/1:  How did photography and Graffiti become interesting to you and how did the two get mixed together?
TA: I was interested in photography with my first camera, the Kodak 110. As a Christmas gift I was  given a Minolta X700. I think I was 17. In 2009, working for the City of Denver, I was driving around the city and I would see some fantastic murals/graffiti. I had just recently purchased a DSLR so I started taking it to work with me. The inspiration and encouragement of Eric Seetwist who shot mural artists long before me.
1/1: If you could think of a way to measure, how much graffiti have you shot?
TA: On my Flickr, I have about 2300 POSTED graffiti, mural shots. But actual shots using my counters on my camera’s, about 15000+

1/1: What other mediums interest you?
TA: I have always enjoyed drawing, oil and water colors.
1/1:  What are your favorite subjects other than Graffiti?
TA:  That’s easy. I love shooting building decay. Art Deco architecture and I am trying to shoot more humans.
1/1: What brought you to Colorado?
TA: Affordable houses. The same houses here cost twice as much, if not more in the Oakland hills/East bay. (Northern California)
1/1: How are you related to Aliens and do you miss them?
TA: The bible describes dozens of alien encounters and describes their crafts. All recorded history also describes encounters with beings from planets. Mankind just chooses to ignore these encounters. I don’t belong here.
1/1: What message do you have to your fans and what would you say to your critics?
TA: I am not sure if I have “fans.” I do know I have enthusiasts. Thank you dear enthusiasts, thank you for saying and continue to say that you enjoy me shooting your favorite mural and graf artists. As for my critics, and I am sure there are several, Thank you for your critiques. I need to shoot better, I know that. I want to shoot better.
1/1: What’s your favorite book,food,movie and car?
TA: My favorite book, Justine-The Misfortunes of Virtue. (read it a couple of times and its time again) Food-seafood minus the tangy taste of radiation from Fukishima. 1966 427 Ford Cobra
1/1: Do you consider yourself more of an artist are a documentarian?
TA: Artist? Hell no. I shoot artists. I am an archivist. The Anarchivist.
1/1: Where’s the Beef?
TA: Clara would say between Downing and Federal.
1/1:  Who killed Davey Moore? Why and what’s the reason for?
1/1: Is art still a valid way to seek change in the world?
TA: That’s a good question. But no. Art has lost its balls.We need to find the words in our own mouths to speak of expressive artistic freedoms. Not so long ago art challenged societal norms. We need art to rise up again. To lead us out of stifling gray corporate concrete walls of repressed speech and banned images. I wonder if graffiti/mural art is the imprisoned soul of society as a whole. And the painting is the scratching of that soul to get of the concrete prisons that we all allowed ourselves to be in. Or I just typed a bunch of fucking useless words.
1/1: What equipment do you use?
TA: I use Canon bodies. 5D MarkII, 40D and a TC3i. As well as a Canon G10. Most of my alley shots are shot with a 40D and TC3i with a Tokina 12-24 wide angle.
1/1: What contact info would you like to share with the readers?
TA: Well, according to the F.B.I and Denver PD Human Trafficking Division, I am all over Google. My instaGLAM is Anarchivist Photography. Faceplant is Anarchivist.Glasser. Flicker Is Anarchivist Digital Photography. Or text me at720-231-7924 gmail anarchivistdigitalphotography@gmail.com
1/1: What is it about Graffiti that attracts you the most?
TA: First it was all the awesome designs/lettering and colors.Then it was actually meeting the artists that I have shot/followed. In the last year or so it became an obsession of getting a shot of a piece that is on a wall that will last less than a week. So, yeah, all of this.
1/1: Where and what is your favorite piece you’ve shot/seen?
TA: I assume every mural I see is my favorite. Its also the one I roll up to, shoot it and I hear the next day it got buffed. Those are my favorites.
1/1: Do you listen to music while you shoot? If so what’s your jam?
TA: I listen to music on the way to work. I try to listen to music on the way to a graff wall but I get to involved of trying to get to the wall before the sun/cloud situation changes.  I get too distracted by music and getting to the wall is racing through my mind. Hi my name is The Anarchivist and I have a shooting graffiti problem. As for whats in my ipod, Jussi Bjorling, ACDC, Public Enemy, Bob Marley Adele…did I mention I have ADD?
1/1: If you could go anywhere and shoot anything…?
TA: Melting glaciers, The ruins in Syria and Libya, gorilla’s in the Congo, and documenting the decline of mankind in Florida, South Carolina and Washington DC