By Jarred De Palo


20 Questions with 1/1 Magazine

1/1. What does your creative process consist of? Any rituals/habits/superstitions?

SLU: Lately for collaging I’ve found that I start with the frames first then build on the vibe I get from there. I tend to gravitate towards vintage, kitschy, or gaudy pieces from thrift stores or garage/estate sales.  I feel like they all have a history or a story behind them and it inspires me to kind of build off that energy. Habits while working often include: loud music, no pants, smoking a joint.

1/1.  What is the biggest challenge you face in making art? How do you work through it?

SLU: Sometimes it’s hard to know when a collage is done. I have to reel in my creative energy at times and make sure I’m not doing things without intention. I’ve learned that while you still want to put all of yourself into something, showing control and being self-aware is also important.

1/1. What drives you to create? What do you hope to achieve?

SLU: I just need something to do with my hands at all times I guess. I like to snatch up real-life objects from the world that are generally discarded and/or forgotten about and try to elevate them to a new level that makes an audience reexamine their appreciation for it.

1/1. Any guilty pleasures or dirty little secrets?

SLU: Keeping Up With the Kardashians……..

1/1. What is your earliest art-related memory? Who/What gave you the art bug?

SLU: I specifically remember when I was like 4, my mom used to make and sell these south-western leather keychains and bolo ties. She would always design and sew mine and my brother’s Halloween costumes every year too, it was the best. She doesn’t consider herself a creative person, but I don’t think she gives herself enough credit.  They were pretty bitchin’ bolo ties!

1/1. Your stuck in elevator for 24hrs. Who would you want to be with and why?

SLU: My boyfriend, Nick, because he’d be nice to me as I have a claustrophobic meltdown about the lack of fresh air, and he would surely figure out how to get us a pizza.

1/1. What’s the last piece of art you purchased?

SLU: I trade art for art a lot of times. I did buy this amazingly huge 4’x4’ medium format B&W photo print from my friend Blair awhile back and I love it intensely.

1/1. What’s for dinner?

SLU: Should probably be a salad, will probably be tacos.

1/1.  What are the biggest changes to the Denver/Boulder art scene that you’ve seen over the years?

SLU: I can’t speak on Boulder really, too far out of the bubble for me haha. Denver’s scene has expanded a ton for sure though. First Friday is a much more ubiquitous thing throughout the city compared to 5 or 10 yrs ago. I think a result of the expansion is Denver-based art has become way more diverse and generally stronger.

1/1. Are there any artists local or otherwise that you enjoy following?

SLU: Locals: Mark Sink, Sandi Calistro, Mario Zoots. Non-locals: Sandy Skoglund, Gregory Crewdson, Shana and Robert Parkeharrison, Marina Abramović.

1/1. What is the best advice you can give to young/emerging artists?

SLU: Get as much critical feedback as you can, but take it with a grain of salt. Be confident in everything you do. Stay hungry.

1/1. What especially fascinates you outside of art? Any secret talents/passions?

SLU: I really love to cook and bake actually. I have this fantasy where I reinvent myself in my 60s, go to culinary school, and eventually open my own fancy little bakery.  I’m also learning how to sew; I’d love to do more fashion-driven projects in the future. I’m regularly experimenting with my hair and making my own cosmetics. I’m currently saving up to go back to school because I plan to do hair and makeup professionally eventually. I have too many things.

1/1. Are you a member of a gallery?

SLU: Yes, Next Gallery! Its super fun!

1/1. Tell the word about a time you totally screwed something up!

SLU: One time I thought it would be a good idea to dye my hair “flamingo” pink… it did not look as I envisioned.

1/1. What is something most people don’t know about you?

SLU: I have a taco tattoo on my booty.

1/1. Rep your hood!


1/1. How do you feel about whales?

SLU: I’m pro whales.

1/1. What is your biggest regret and why?

SLU: No ragrets!

1/1. Ever poop your pants as an adult?

SLU: Hahaha nope

1/1. If you could choose one superhero power, what would it be and why?

SLU: Shape-shifter, now and forever!