By: Jarred De Palo

Photo by: Andre Lippard

20 Questions w/ Andre Lippard

1/1) What does your creative process consist of? Any rituals/habits/superstitions?

AL) My creative process consists of getting a cup of coffee, cranking up the tunes, sitting in my chair, smelling the paint, choosing a canvas off the wall and jumping in.  I’m not superstitious, but I do keep a routine so that I don’t get distracted.


1/1) What is the biggest challenge you face in making art? How do you work through it?

AL) Eliminating distractions.  How do you work through it?  I turn the volume up on my music.


1/1) What drives you to create? What do you hope to achieve?

AL) Sharing art to look inside limitless possibilities.  Sharing my paintings is sharing my mind.  I want to continue to make great art.


1/1) Any guilty pleasures or dirty little secrets?

AL) Guilty pleasures and dirty little secrets are best kept as secrets!


1/1) What is your earliest art-related memory? Who/What gave you the art bug?

AL) My earliest art related memory was doodling and drawing with my older brother.  Art runs deep in my family.


1/1) You’re stuck in an elevator for 24 hours. Who would you want to be with and why?

AL) If I was stuck in an elevator for 24 hours, the correct answer here would be my girlfriend, but I would want to have Pearl Jam with me.


1/1) What’s the last piece of art you purchased?

AL) The last piece of art I purchased was “VS.” on vinyl.


1/1) What’s for dinner?



1/1) What are the biggest changes to the Denver/Boulder art scene that you’ve seen over the years?

AL) The biggest changes I’ve seen to the Denver/Boulder art seen over the years has to be the expansion into the River North district and its trickling affect.


1/1) Are there any artists local or otherwise that you enjoy following?

AL) I’ve been honored to discover so many great artists.   Just a couple that come to mind, though, are C.T. Nelson and Michael Ortiz.


1/1) What is the best advice you can give to young/emerging artists?

AL) The best advice I could give to any artist is to never stop making art


1/1) What especially fascinates you outside of art? Any secret talents/passions?

AL) I have a giant G.I. Joe collection that I wish I had more time to play with.


1/1) Are you a member of a gallery?

AL) I’m a co-curator and permanent artist showing at the Art Lounge in Wheat Ridge.


1/1) Tell the world about a time you totally screwed something up!

AL) A really good artist doesn’t see mistakes, but rather an opportunity to improve his craft.


1/1) What is something most people don’t know about you?

AL) Most people don’t know that I’m deaf in my left ear.


1/1) Rep your hood!

AL) Native of Lakewood…born and raised.


1/1) How do you feel about whales?

AL) I think there should be whales and we should stop killing them.


1/1) What is your biggest regret and why?

AL) Not making more art.


1/1) Ever poop your pants as an adult?

AL) Refer to question number 4!


1/1) If you could choose one superhero power, what would it be and why?

AL) I’d want to be immortal.