By Raymundo Muñoz III

1 of 1 Magazine ended the year in a big way with our 2nd Annual 12 x 12 Show at Crimson Hilt. Culling the talents of over thirty Denver artists, the show was an open-themed invitational of old and new friends offering stellar pieces at affordable prices ($144). Huge thanks goes out to all the people — both artists and lovers of art — that crammed into Crimson on such a chilly night. Our show runs through the bitter months of January and February, so if you couldn’t make it to the opening, you have plenty of time to check out the rad works.

Artists: Elena Gunderson, Mike Graves, Vinnie Alfonso, Raymundo Muñoz, Anthony Garcia, Clay Brooks, Alex Taylor, Moeh Haywood, Matt Delong, Marie Conigliaro, Myah Bailey, John Van Horn, Karma Leigh, Charlie W., Mike Giant, Keith Jive, Melanie Pruitt, Kaitlin Ziesmer, Rob Jordan, Ryan Morse, André Lippard, Kelsi Jo Silva, Ian Cochrane, Andrea Fast, Anthony Salazar, Scot Nobles, Tom Sarmo, Janelle Anderson, Keith Goble, Annie Aqua

Photos are from the Dec. 12 opening. For inquiries, please contact




Artist Elena Gunderson