By Raymundo Muñoz

On the 12th day of the 12th month, 30+ works of 12″ x 12″ dimensions priced at $144 or less came together for 1 of 1’s “12 x 12” group show at Crimson Hilt. Phew. This may sound like a numerologist’s fantasy (ahem, Anthony Garcia, Sr.), but I can assure you, it’s just an art show. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s take stock of just who was included in this gathering of squares: Tom Bond, Larren Maxson, Nathan Abels, Melanie Pruitt, Anthony Garcia, Jarred De Palo, Daniel Lind, Sonia Lujan, Mitch Farrer, Alex Taylor, Moeh Haywood, Raymundo Muñoz, Betsy Rudolph, Andrea Fast, Mike Graves, Brian Gavangan, Ian Cochrane, Fobia, Victor Escobedo, Karma Leigh, Janelle Anderson, Andrew Novick, Jher, Stephanie Amos, Kans89, Jon Hall, Leon Hayes, Brian Holmes, Anthony Damian, Keith Goble, Alana Ewton, Mike Sherrill, Kremer, Pisto, D.D. Michele, Lex, and Grayson Certain. All in all, this was a fun, eclectic, and anything-goes kind of affair that brought together a diverse array of Denver talents. As a participating artist, I feel very honored to be featured alongside these guys and gals. Thanks to everyone that gave Crimson’s big black wall a little color.



 Top left to bottom right: Tom Bond, Mitch Farrer, Jher, Nathan Abels, Moeh Haywood, Alex Taylor


 Top L to bottom R: Anthony Garcia, Sr., Raymundo Muñoz, Betsy Rudolph, Larren Maxson, Mike Graves, Andrea Fast








 Betsy “Dolla B” Rudolph 


 Sonia Lujan


 Anthony Garcia, Sr. with his untitled piece


 Brian Gavangan with his piece “Beach Ride”


 Ian Cochrane with his untitled piece


Jarred De Palo with Brian Gavangan


Ian, Anthony, and Earl Chuvarsky