By Jarred De Palo

Tripper Dungan is currently having a show at  Sally Centigrade Art gallery located at 1423 Larimer St., Denver Colorado. Online shop available at


1/1 What does your creative process consist of? Any rituals/habits/superstitions?

TD I generally do a lot of sketching and doodling in my sketch book. That’s where a lot of the creative decisions happen, but when I’m painting the tapes tend to just go for it, starting with laying down color planes and deciding on the character of the tape as it comes to me.

1/1 What is the biggest challenge you face in making art? How do you work through it?

TD I tend to be a bad self promotor and an over committer. As far as the promotion I just try and be as visible as I can be with my art and hope it makes others want to share it, but I do get down on instagram. with over commitment I just paint faster.

1/1 What drives you to create? What do you hope to achieve?

TD I love the process and seeing it come together. Sharing it with others is a great joy too. It’s pretty great seeing people respond to my hard work.

1/1 Any guilty pleasures or dirty little secrets?

TD Yes.

1/1 What is your earliest art-related memory? Who/What gave you the art bug?

TD I got in trouble for coloring in my brothers He-Man coloring book and I never looked back.

1/1 You’re stuck in an elevator for 24 hrs. Who would you want to be with and why?

TD The beer delivery guy, because I always like meeting new people. 😉

1/1 What’s the last piece of art you purchased?

TD I got an ant from my buddy Bwana Spoons

1/1 What’s for dinner?

TD Tonight? Haven’t figured it out yet, but most likely chicken and vegetables.

1/1 What are the biggest changes to the Denver/Boulder art scene that you’ve seen over the years?

TD I’m an out of towner and don’t really have the perspective on that.

1/1 Are there any artists local or otherwise that you enjoy following?

TD Yea, I have a lot of friends that are bad asses but as far as people I don’t know but really love:Femke Hiemstra, McBess, Wain White (of PeeWee Herman fame), Low Bros, Clayton Brothers, and Bros Mind.

1/1 What is the best advice you can give to young/emerging artists?

TD Do it because you love it, if your not failing you’re not trying hard enough.

1/1 What especially fascinates you outside of art? Any secret talents/passions?

TD I love to garden. I spend a lot of time in my back yard.

1/1 Are you a member of a gallery?

TD No.

1/1 Tell the world about a time you totally screwed something up!

TD Pretty much any time I try and BBQ.

1/1 What is something most people don’t know about you?

TD I did some fire breathing in my early 20s.

1/1 Rep your hood!

TD NE Portland!

1/1 How do you feel about whales?

TD Sperm.

1/1 What is your biggest regret and why?

TD Little times where I unintentionally hurt someone come flashing back sometimes. I can be awkward, but I hope anyone I’ve hurt knows I mean well.

1/1 Ever poop your pants as an adult?

TD Does a shart count, or do I have to be laying down the Lincoln logs? I’m going to go with maybe.

1/1 If you could choose one superhero power, what would it be and why?

TD I’ve been feeling a lack of time so my first inkling was No Sleep Man, but thats dumb. How about the ability to turn people into babies?! If someones being a dick or not being good a sharing, boom you’re a baby, it so much easier to tell a baby to play nice.