1of1 Magazine // by Raymundo Muñoz
group2 Walking into Guerilla Garden Studios on a normal day and seeing that monolithic display wall (sectioned only by massive steel supports) and the jumble of open-air artist studios opposite the beast, one curating a show there might be somewhat intimidated. From the paint-splattered concrete floors to the rafters high above, one might consider this vast venue more apt as urban aviary, but to the Bird Seed Collective a more suitable location could not be imagined for their 3rd Annual “100 on 100” group exhibition.

Organized by Anthony Garcia, the show brought together 100 artists of varied media and styles on the 100th day of the year to promote the group’s mission of building an artistic community based on cooperation and open-access. No explicit theme was specified, leaving the show wide-open for anything its respective artists wished to display; from garish graffiti-inspired works to fine painted portraits to bold block prints and textured sculpture, art patrons had no lack of styles to lay their eyes–and sometimes hands–upon. The mixed media work of Nickie Befus, for instance, expressly invited viewers to touch–and even take–the pocket-sized pieces precariously balanced within their makeshift “bookshelf.” Pop culture references were rife perhaps–Darth Vader appeared in at least two separate pieces–but they did lend the show a youthful air that seemed to resonate with the mostly youthful crowd. A few politically-minded pieces were peppered throughout the salty field as well–most notably, the conspicuous and deftly composed traffic cone-cuts of Frank Kwiatkowski. And, of course, in a warehouse locale, Katie Keighin’s haunting photos of dilapidated depots couldn’t feel more at home. Aside from the visual artists, the event boasted live music and dj’s, merch tables, and even a fashion show–launched from an elevated center stage to a thoroughly rapt audience–that in all made for an energetic, always engaging affair.